Firewall 1

ISmartHosting Is CloudFlare's Official Partner working an additional level of Firewall at no cost.

We are also Official Sucuri partners working with high quality Firewall security, with cost for deployment.

Firewall level 2

External, the requests are blocked before arriving at the machine.

Firewall level 3

Internal, after the request arrives on the machine, IPs that have been blocked by attempts to intrude are denied in all requests, including to access any site ... For the machine that tries to make the invasion, it is as if the machine was out of the Air, in addition to block by IP number, to avoid use of Proxy, recursive MACs are also blocked.

Firewall level 4

Internal, per request, if the IP is released, the requests are filtered as explained below. Technology used: ModSecurity.

An extra protection for your site, with this special mod every request that arrives on your site is filtered and blocked in real time ensuring even more security for your site. With Mod Security 80% of malicious requests including php injection are blocked, even if the programmer fails to program, so you gain a third level of firewall.