Backup & Restore


Monthly Backup - The backup of the month will be saved, a single file that can be generated between day 1 and day 5 of the current month.

Weekly Backup - The week backup will be saved, which can vary the day according to the server being used.

Daily Backup - The daily backup will be saved, generated at any time within the last 48 hours.

-- "Last 48h" is relative to site size, backup process and other settings.

Backup works as a replacement:

  • The monthly backup is deleted at the end of the month that will enter the current month;
  • Weekly backup is erased when generating next week;
  • The diary is erased when generating the next day.

The total is 3 backups and the Monthly Backup is the only one externally saved;


Customers who require a backup other than those mentioned above must carry out their own backup in any way they deem appropriate, exempting us from responsibility for their particular backup or restoration.

The cost of restoring the backup is set at $100.00 for any plan.

If the requested backup (Monthly, Weekly or Daily) is in progress, if it is generated, it is exempt from liability and it will be informed that the backup is in the process of being generated and can not be restored, leaving the option to choose other backup.

The backup system is automatic and independent of human action, so that on a weekday the weekly backup is generated there will only be 1 backup between the week and the journal due to the fact that it is generated on the same date, as well as In the generation of the monthly, and can coincide with the daily or even the weekly, or, even both generated at the same time, being in this case a single copy.